The JKS Scotland Karate Squad is a very important part of our association structure, which provides many opportunities for children and adult’s alike, to experience the very best of Karate competition both at home and abroad. As you can appreciate, funding towards the squad is an on going mammoth task, and without your help and support, would make the job of providing our members these fantastic opportunities to excel in the martial-arts-kidssporting world of Karate a much harder task. With this in mind, Shoshin Karate Centres take an active role in organising and participating in various fundraising events throughout the year, with an aim to help contribute towards the squad funds.

Below is a list of all sponsored events, companies and people who have assisted in our fundraising campaign. We would also like to thank all persons who have been involved in the events below. Unfortunately the list is far to large to name, but without everyones help the funds raised below would not be possible. Thankyou Everyone!

Fundraising ideas and feedback is always welcome and greatly appreciated.