Shoshin Karate Centres was established in 2009 by Instructor Sensei Richard Steen, a full-time qualified instructor with forty years’ experience in the Martial Arts and a registered instructor with the Japan Karate Shoto Federation Scotland and the Scottish Karate Governing Body.

We are a family friendly Karate School teaching Traditional Shotokan Karate, Self-Defence, and Sport Karate to children, teens and adults of all ages and abilities within premium sports and recreation venues in and around the Falkirk area of Central Scotland.

We are affiliated to the Japan Karate Shoto Federation Scotland (JKS Scotland), the largest and most successful Karate association in Scotland, and have direct affiliation to JKS International Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

We offer regular training, courses and seminars to all our members with top “Japanese Karate Masters” from Japan and provide our membership the opportunity to train directly at the JKS International Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

We also provide pathways and opportunities to individuals interested in the Sport and competition side of our art and can provide coaching and tuition from beginner to international level athletes and competitors.

Shoshin Karate Centres does actively encourage participants into competition if they choose to go along this route, however the training and personal development of the Individual is of most importance.

All instructors are fully insured and certified coaches through the Scottish Karate Governing Body (SKGB), the only recognised governing body for Karate in Scotland, and are Enhanced Disclosure Scotland/PVG certified and recognised by Sport Scotland.

Shoshin Karate Centres actively encourage all members to attend training courses and seminars along with its Instructors where possible to aid and advance their progression.

Shoshin Karate Centres welcome total beginners as well as the more advanced practitioners and students of other arts to our classes. Although it is very rare for us to do so, we reserve the right to refuse anyone access to our classes, if we feel they are unsuitable to our Dojo.

Training at JKS HQ – Japan

JKS HQ Instructors – Japan