Teaching traditional Shotokan Karate, Sport Karate and Self-Defence to children and adults of all ages and abilities


Discover the many benefits of practising the most
popular Karate style in the world!

Classes for all ages and abilities taught by National Governing Body and PVG registered instructors as recognised by Sport Scotland.



Our students come to Shoshin Karate to study martial arts for many different reasons, and each student comes to us with varying degrees of ability. With our well-prepared lessons, students easily learn at their own pace and ability level, so they reach their own personal goals.

At Shoshin Karate we believe that in order to excel at anything in life, you should possess solid values and a strong character that develop the dedication needed to achieve your goals. Our exceptional team of instructors are here to inspire you to be your absolute best. Joining us will give you the all-important inner strength to navigate our complex world with confidence and drive.


Karate is a martial art which develops and enhances both physical and mental abilities regardless of age, and our Karate classes cater for both the young and the mature student. Regular practice and dedication has countless advantages, from increased focus to enhanced physical strength.
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“You don’t need to be fit to start,
but you need to start to get fit.”

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Martial arts provide many physical benefits, but it also gives you a great sense of discipline and achievement as you work your way up to Black Belt. By improving your skills during practice, you can build a healthier body, mind, and lifestyle. Martial Arts is an excellent activity to take part in whether you are a child or an adult.



1-2-1 and small group tuition available by appointment


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Our waiting lists operate by age group, class, and location.

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Martial arts training is a great way to develop a good sense of confidence. Because martial arts techniques require patience and attention to detail, many moves in various disciplines can take years to master. Once students learn the techniques though, they feel accomplished, which empowers them with good self-esteem and a high level of confidence.



Teaching traditional Shotokan Karate, Sport Karate and Self Defence to children and adults of all ages and abilities in and around the Falkirk area of Central Scotland.

Members of:

  • Japan Karate Shotorenmei
  • Scottish Karate Governing Body
  • World Karate Federation

Classes taught by national governing body registered instructors.

Regular courses & seminars with top visiting instructors from Japan!

Active Schools partnership provider.

Martial arts require students to have good stability and coordination when it comes to executing moves, blocking, and avoiding attacks. As you practice, you will quickly improve both your stability and coordination.

What our members say...

“My son has been attending these classes for a number of years now. I cannot speak highly enough of how he is treated while training. His instructor always takes time to catch up and see how he is doing. He is constructive in criticism but at the same time gives praise when due. He encourages him to be his best and makes sure be is given the attention he needs. If you’re looking for a great club to join to encourage fitness and discipline you should consider this class.”

– A. Thompson

What our members say...

“Our daughter, now 12, moved from our local village class (which was ceasing to run) to Shoshin 18 months ago. Richard was recommended to us as the most suitable instructor to bring her on and her enthusiasm for the sport has soared with the encouragement and support that she has had from Richard and other members. She is now looking at attaining her black belt within the next year!!


Our 15 year old son who has Autism and ADHD showed no interest in Karate or sports until his sister attended Shoshin and he agreed to give it a go after some gentle persuasion. He was made more than welcome and was treated with equality and respect. He LOVES the classes and especially enjoys, and benefits from the support and laughs he has with the adult members too. He too has come on leaps and bounds as he works his way through the gradings as quickly as his sister did. We cannot recommend Shoshin Karate enough. There is a perfect balance of discipline and fun and anyone wishing to try Karate for the first time or advance their skills would not be disappointed with Richard and everyone at Shoshin.”

– P. Orr

What our members say...

“My son started training with Shoshin Karate in 2013 at the age of 6, he was welcomed by all at the Dojo and made to feel part of the team right from the start. Richard the Karate instructor is a remarkable coach who has a real passion about teaching Karate and genuinely makes the learning process fun and interesting. A few months later after watching how much fun my son was having training, I also decided to give Karate a go at the age of 40. I didn’t realise at the time but my journey to black belt had started. Personally, I don’t think I would have achieved my black belt had it not been for the encouragement and dedication in the instructors abilities. I would certainly encourage anyone who is interested in learning traditional Shotokan Karate to give this club a try.”

– A. Cope

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We understand that people like to try things before making a commitment. We offer the chance of a FREE TRIAL so you can come along and train in our classes for free before you decide if you wish to join. This gives you the option to try Karate before purchasing any equipment needed and paying for classes.

Simply complete the registration form to book your free trial, or to be added to our class waiting list and one of our team will contact you as soon as possible.

If you are looking for a healthier lifestyle, look no further than martial arts. Martial arts allow you to get the most out of life, physically, spiritually, and mentally. When it comes to making important decisions about rest, recovery, and nutrition, you will be able to apply the discipline and lessons you have learned from your martial arts training.


Karate is a system of self-defence and physical culture originally developed and refined in Okinawa and Japan. The word Karate is formed from the Japanese words Kara (empty) and Te (hand), symbolising that its practitioners Karate-Ka are unarmed, but use their hands and feet for blocking and striking. Training is conducted within an environment based on certain Japanese cultural practices.


There are many reasons; however, the majority of people feel that with an ever-increasing violent society, the need to be able to protect themselves and their families becomes the most important. With bullying still present at school, the self-confidence gained from Karate can make a big difference to a child’s school life.


The physical training required to reach a high level of skill in Karate promotes overall good health, fitness and wellbeing. The concentration, commitment and dedication required, help build a strong, confident and determined character. There is a “Dojo Kun”, or training code, which not only ensures a disciplined training environment, but also serves as a tool for improving behaviour, so that a true Karate-Ka will only use their fighting skills as a last resort.


You are not required to have any level of fitness to start training as long as you are in good health. Many people believe you have to be fit or flexible to do Karate, this is not so. The training is designed to improve these qualities over the years. All we ask is that you give 100% effort when training and enjoy the class. Karate students will improve their health, self-awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem. Parents and teachers continually report on the improvement in the behaviour of children who train regularly at our Karate class. This is because of our disciplined training structure and the emphasis placed on good etiquette.


Training is structured into three main sections – Kihon (fundamental basic techniques) consisting of blocks, strikes, punches and kicks. Kata, (formal exercises), involving the fighting of multiple opponents at the same time, and Kumite (sparring). Each section has a range of complexity to suit the different levels or grades of students. Kumite will be introduced as basic blocking and counter-attacking but will progress at a later stage to free sparring which develops the timing, reflexes and co-ordination necessary for self-defence and competition. Close supervision of children is strict when doing all forms of fighting.


This is totally dependent on what you wish to gain from Karate, obviously the more you practice the faster you learn. As a general rule, training twice a week will keep you in pace with the rest of the class. Less than this and you need to be questioning yourself whether you are serious enough to learn a Martial Art. More than twice and the growth will be accelerated.


The hardest thing about attending a Karate class is walking into the Dojo (training hall). If you have already done that, then congratulations, if you are unsure or nervous about entering on your own don’t worry, ask the dojo secretary to guide you in. It’s quite natural to feel nervous.


We understand that people like to try things before making a commitment. We offer the chance of a FREE TRIAL, so you can come along and train in our classes for free before you decide if you wish to join. This gives you the option to try Karate before purchasing the equipment needed and paying for classes.

Did you know that practicing a regular exercise routine is one of the best ways to improve your mood? Not only do martial arts allow you to relieve stress and release frustrations in a safe environment, but they may also make you happier. The endorphins that are released during physical activity can be active in your body for as long as 4 hours after your exercise!