1. The applicant shall be solely responsible for ensuring that he or she is free from any physical, mental, or emotional disability and is physically fit to participate in the sport of Karate. Any special health needs have been listed and brought to the instructors attention.

2. The applicant acknowledges that Karate is a combative sport and that physical injury to participants is a foreseeable consequence of such participation. To help ensure the applicants safety the JKS Scotland rules and regulations on display must be observed and practised.

3. The applicant accepts full responsibility for ensuring that he or she is effectively covered by insurance in respect of any loss, injury, or damage to or by the applicant or on any property belonging to the applicant, JKS Scotland officials thereof, other members or participants at, within or by any premises owned, leased or used by the JKS Scotland or authorised instructors thereof at any time howsoever and by whomsoever such loss, injury or damage be caused, including by negligence.

4. In the event that such a claim for loss, injury or damage as stated in clause 3 hereof be intimated against the JKS Scotland, its officials or members, the applicant shall indemnify the said JKS Scotland, its officials and members in respect of expenses and outlays arising there from.

5. In the event that the applicant is under EIGHTEEN years of age the signature of a parent or legal guardian signifying acceptance of the foregoing conditions of membership is required and in the event of a claim or loss, injury or damage as stated in clause 3 thereof being intimated against the JKS Scotland, its officials or members, the said signatory on behalf of the applicant shall indemnify the JKS Scotland its officials or members in respect of all liability thereof and expenses and outlays arising there from.

6. The applicant shall obtain a Licence through the JKS Scotland and will ensure that a current licence is in force on all occasions when he or she participates in the sport of Karate and hereby acknowledges that it has been brought to his or her attention that failure to comply with this condition invalidates the insurance cover arranged by the JKS Scotland and terminates this dojo Membership forthwith.

7. The applicant acknowledges that it has been brought to his or her attention that they must train regular at their registered Dojo and must attend before each and every grading additional training at the Honbu Dojo (compulsory), the criteria for grading examinations will be strictly upheld and monitored. (Refer to training requirements)

8. For the purpose of these conditions the word “Applicant” shall include reference to the administrators, Executors, heirs, or assignees of the individual making application for membership.

9. Students are under no obligation to stay with the JKS Scotland. You may leave at any time without conditions.

10. The applicant has no previous criminal convictions.

11. Membership and grading examinations are subject to approval and the conditions laid down in the rules and regulations of the JKS Scotland.


I understand that the Shoshin Karate monthly class training fees have been calculated based on the number of weeks actual class training is provided (44 weeks) per year, minus the standard holiday and closure periods (8 weeks) per year and are then divided into equal monthly instalments for ease of budget and administration. I also understand and agree that as such monthly class training fees must be paid continuously throughout the year for the duration of annual membership (1st January to 31st December), this includes throughout the holiday and closure periods.

I understand and agree that no refunds will be given for non-attendance or cancellations. Should you at any time miss your regular class, Shoshin Karate would welcome you to make up your class time at any of our other participating Shoshin Karate venues within a one-month period. Refunds will be considered if you are absent for a minimum of one month and can provide a doctor’s note. Please speak to your instructor should this occur.

Should you wish to cease training at any time, the process is simple and without penalty. Simply give 30 days’ notice in writing to your instructor and bank, and then cancel the standing order with your bank.


It is the account holder’s sole responsibility to cancel the standing order with their bank. Shoshin Karate has no authority or ability to cancel or amend your standing order. Failure to give 30 days’ notice of cancellation in writing to your instructor and bank may result in non-refund of payment(s) received after you cease training. Shoshin Karate is not responsible for any errors or overpayments by your bank.

How to cancel a standing order?

You (the account holder) can cancel a standing order at any point in branch, over the phone or via secure online banking.

Shoshin Karate reserves the right to amend or update our class fees at any time with reasonable cause. If this adjustment applies to you, we will notify you at least thirty (30) days in advance of any adjustment.

All charges are subject to change without prior notice.